See ‘A year in the life of a shepherdess on a Peak District hill farm’ - a fascinating illustrated talk from an expert in this traditional farming method. Follow its highs and lows, triumphs and tragedies, as seen through the lens of an award-winning specialist of this dying farming practice. All the photos are taken hastily during the working day, opportunistic, unique and real, and often portraying the gritty, enchanting, joyful or even sad sides of life on the hill.

My sister and I work in partnership on a National Trust hill farm in the Upper Derwent Valley. Along with running this farm, we also contract out our shepherding skills to other farmers and have a dry stone walling business. In 2006 we won the David Arnold Foster Hill Farming Award.
Life on a hill farm is notoriously unpredictable – even when born to the job. The seasons, fickle weather and animal behaviour can all create unforeseen problems. So, any of the days would not be complete without the help and companionship of my faithful border collies.

I have been a passionate photographer since my teens and have a camera with me at all times. Recording the everyday life on the hill farm began as a personal journey; and has since developed into a way of showing people the unique way of life of the traditional hill farmer, sadly now a dying breed.

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