Working sheepdogs
  A Year On a Hill Farm Working Sheepdogs Wildflower Hay Meadows Drystone Walling
Many dog owners appreciate the intelligence of mans best friend but the bond between the hill shepherd and his border collie is truly astounding. Working long hours in difficult, sometimes extreme conditions can lead to a partnership so strong that unbelievable feats can be achieved.

Sheepdogs are like people in that each has its own character and excels at different skills. The aim of the hill shepherd is to get the perfect all-rounder, a strong wide running dog which can gather sheep for hours off the miles of rugged moorland then competently handle large flocks of ewes and lambs and finally single out individual problem animals from the rest of the flock and assist the shepherd to catch and treat them.
To own and train a dog like this is truly a life enriching experience, a partnership based on mutual trust and dedication.

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