"I’ve had so much feedback as to how everybody really enjoyed your talk and particularly the photography. It was also enriching to see somebody who so enjoys their life they’ve chosen, even though a hard life - I wish farmers were better recognised"
Ladies PROBUS Group, Sheffield

"The images of the countryside so well known to us all were stunning and the story you had to tell was both thought provoking and moving. Your talk left us in no doubt about the difficulties and hardships of your chosen way of life, but your photographs also showed us some of the rewards"
Hope Historical Society

"On behalf of the group Yesterday may I take the opportunity of thanking you for the excellent slides and presentation, we now know how much hard work and dedication is required to produce a leg of lamb for lunch. Yesterday will be remembered by me for many years to come, how easy it is to take the countryside for granted and those who maintain it"
Men’s PROBUS Group, Sheffield

"There wasn’t one amongst the fifty four of us who didn’t think that your slides and commentary were superb. As more than one remarked “We’ve had some good speakers and slide-shows over the yearsbut this was, by far, the best”. One could sense the freedom, the open-air and your obvious love for your animals and the countryside"
Hospital Supporters Group

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